Best Small Apartment Desgin Tips

Best Small Apartment Desgin Tips

So, you are moving to NYC as a student or graduate and you have rented a small flat. However, you are worried because you do not think it will look good. You are completely wrong. Each and every space, no matter how small it is can look beautifully if you decorate it with taste. If you believe you would have to spend a lot of money in order to make it look perfect, you cannot be farther from truth. All you need is your imagination and creativity. In this article we are going to give you the best small apartment design tips. Of course, you do not have to apply all of them. Just choose the ones that will work for you.

Combine The Right Colors

Our first small apartment design tip is related to combining colors. When choosing new furniture item for your flat you should pay attention to color and see if it goes with the rest of your furniture. Moreover, this goes for curtains, rugs, trays and other things in your kitchen as well. If you really want your small apartment to look pretty, you have to be careful when choosing different color shades. In addition, if you want to paint your walls in vibrant or pastel colors instead of just leaving them white, you have to be extra careful.

Find Storage Space

When small apartment design is in question, you do not want any clutter and unnecessary things there. Having storage space is always useful not only for aesthetic, but also for practical purposes. Luckily, NYC offers great storage options. We strongly advise you to contact and hire Manhattan Movers NYC for they are both reliable and experienced professionals. They offer excellent storage services for longer and shorter periods of time. In addition, they guarantee perfect safety for your belongings.

Add Open Shelves

The next small apartment design tip is adding open shelves. They are very practical and decorative at the same time. You can put anything you like on them, like little figurines, scented candles, photographs in frames, plush toys, lamps and many other things. As you can see, absolutely anything that you find suitable is in option.

Use The Things that You have for Decoration

If it happens that you think that you do not have anything that can look great on your open shelves or anywhere else in your small apartment, you are wrong. Do not waste your money on new items for you surely have some things that you can use for decoration. For example, you can always use gift boxes that you got for your birthday, holiday or some special date. Moreover, if you love painting and drawing, this is the perfect chance to be creative. Your own little works of art will serve the purpose. In addition, your favorite books, photo albums, coffee or tea cups can also be very decorative.

 Open shelves, small apartment design

Decorate Your NYC Flat with String Lights

String lights do not have to be part of home decoration only during Christmas season. Nowadays, you can find them almost in every store in different shapes and colors. In addition, they are not pricey at all but can immediately improve the atmosphere of your place. Also, you do not have to put them only on your window. They can look beautifully on your open shelves.

String lights, small apartment design

Put Cushions on Your Bed

In order to make your New York City apartment more cozy, put cushions on your bed and armchair. They can be in different colors or all the same, as you like it. Also, putting soft blanket in autumn and winter days would certainly make everything look more homey and comfortable. This blanket can also be in different colors. However, if you decide to put colorful cushions, choose the white blanket. In that way you could be sure that you have not made any mistakes and that everything goes well perfectly.

Provide Mirrors for Your New York City Apartment

Having mirrors in your small New York City flat will surely make it look as it is more spacious than it really is, which is great. You can add one on the wall in your hallway. If you have enough space for one big mirror in your bedroom or living room, make sure to put it there. You would not regret it, for it would make your apartment look more elegant and stylish.

Put a Bowl Full of Candy on The Table

To make the atmosphere of your tiny apartment even more homey, everything you need to do is to put a nice bowl filled with candy on your table. If you like, you can also put more candy in simple glass jars and arrange them on your open shelves. In this way, the atmosphere in your home will be more cheerful.

A bowl with candy, small apartment design

Arrange Flower Pots on Your Window Sill

If you are a lover of flowers or any plants, you can bring them and decorate your small New York City flat. For example, you can put some roses in a simple vase made of glass. However, if that is not enough plants for you, bring also a couple of flower pots. You can arrange them on your window sill. They would certainly look pretty there. In addition, other people like your neighbors and passersby would also see them. Of course, you do not have to put only flower pots on your window sill. You can also arrange some figurines or candles there.

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