Everything You Need to Know About Scarifying

Everything You Need to Know About Scarifying

When you have grass in your garden you obviously want to keep it as beautiful as possible. Healthy grass looks nice in the garden and it is also much nicer to sit on or for children to play on. If you have grass, you probably also know that it needs some maintenance from time to time. One of those maintenance methods is scarifying the grass. But what is that exactly? And why is this an effective form of maintenance? And how does it work exactly? Well, to answer all these questions, we want to give you more information in this blog. So go ahead and read on if you want to know more about this subject.

What exactly is scarifying?

Scarifying is an important part of maintaining grass. But what is it exactly? Well, it’s a way to completely restore and renovate dying grass. Moss or dead organic material around grass plants is actually removed by this technique. This moss and dead organic material causes the roots of your lawn to have less space to grow. As a result, grass growth is slowed down, which only leads to more weeds and moss growth. So if you have problems with weeds or moss in your lawn, it is a good idea to start scarifying! To remove the moss even better you can also buy a moss killer.

How do you scarify?

It is of course useful to know exactly how scarifying works before you rush headlong into it. Well, you can do it either manually with a rake or with a special scarifier. First, it’s helpful to mow the lawn and lightly moisten the grass. Then try to remove as much of the dead grass waste as possible. If you have a scarifier, it is best to adjust it to 0.5 or 1 centimeter. First scarify in a straight line lengthwise and then widthwise again. You can repeat this if necessary, but make sure that the healthy grass is not affected.

The effect of scarifying

Grass plants need space to grow. This is the only way to achieve and maintain a beautiful, green lawn. Weeds and moss give the opposite effect, because it gives grass less space to grow. This slowly turns the lawn into one big field full of weeds and moss. The effect of scarifying is to give the grass room to grow, which minimizes the growth of weeds as well.

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