Why Buy a Bear Hybrid Mattress?

Why Buy a Bear Hybrid Mattress?

Everybody deserves a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, thanks to the mattress they are resting on, many individuals do not achieve this goal on a regular basis. If the time has come to replace a mattress, one model that should be considered is the Bear Hybrid. This mattress has many advantages over its competitors that consumers need to be aware as they shop for a new sleeping surface.

Temperature Regulation

One reason many people do not get enough sleep is they are either too hot or too cold. This mattress is made with Celliant, a substance scientifically proven to harness and recycle the natural energy of the body through the fiber medium. In fact, it is currently the only textile approved by the FDA for this purpose, and the sleeping environment is thermoregulating all night long.

Faster Recovery

As a result of the Celliant found in the mattress, a person finds they are able to recover in less time. In the past, it might take a person eight solid hours to feel they were rested. With the Bear Hybrid mattress, they feel rested in much less time. Furthermore, a person discovers they are able to fall asleep in less time when they make use of this mattress as opposed to their current one.

Better Performance

Athletes and anyone who plays sports find they benefit from the purchase of this mattress. Oxygen levels in the tissues of the body rise as a result of the Celliant used in the making of this mattress. This helps to boost athletic performance while ensuring the owner is at top playing level at all times.

Hybrid Technology

Bear Hybrid mattresses contain both foam and a coil system to ensure the buyer has the best of both worlds. This mattress comes with more than 1,300 coils located between four premium foam layers. The finished product measures more than 14.5″, ample enough for any person.

If you are in the market for a luxurious mattress, one that consistently provides a good night’s sleep, look no further than the Bear Hybrid. Active individuals find they benefit greatly from switching to this sleeping surface. However, anyone will enjoy the comfort offered by this mattress, thus it is one every person should take for a test run. Many will find it is precisely what is needed to allow them to get a good night’s rest. For more information, check this site out.

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